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Packages & Pricing

The driving skill test costs EUR 70,00 for one and half hour ( 90 min ) and is optional. This initial investment pays back abundantly as it helps to design customized training package that suits the students which in turn saves lot of money and time for them. Our past experience shows us that with this approach our students go fully confident and with clear focus on their way to achieving end goal which is Car or Motor cycle driving license.  Our high success rate proves this.

The cost of driving course depends on the number of lessons and the number of times you have to do the exam. That’s why Driving School AAK works completely from the perspective of the student. After the driving skill test our qualified driving instructors can give you a careful and appropriate advice about the number of lessons you have to follow to increase the chances of success as much as possible. Starting from entry level Driving school AAK can provide optimal and affordable Driving training which includes traffic insight, car control, learning ability, ease of relaxation and many other driving capabilities!

Auto Driving Packages
Package Name Description Prices
Re-examination Module 9 x 60 min.+ CBR re-examination ( only for re-examinations ) 635.00
Mini Module 10 x 60 min.+CBR exam 699.00
Module A 20 x 60 min.+ TTT +CBR exam 1475.00
Module B 25 x 60 min. +Theory Training + T.T.T. +CBR exam 1775.00
Module C 30 x 60 min.+ Theory Training+ T.T.T.+CBR exam 2025.00
Module D 35 x 60 min+Theory Training+T.T.T.+CBR exam 2270.00
Module E 40 x 60 min. +Theory Training +T.T.T. +CBR exam 2500.00
Module F 45 x 60 min+Theory Training+T.T.T.+CBR exam 2475.00
Motor Driving Modules
Package Name Description Prices
Module 1 10 lessons of 90 min.+A-VB ex.+A-VD ex. 995.00
Module 2 15 lessons of 90 min+A-VB ex.+A-VD ex 1300.00
Module 3 20 lessons of 90 min. +A-VB ex.+A-VD ex 1600.00
Module 4 25 lessons of 90 min+A-VB ex.+A-VD ex. 1925.00
Description Prices
Intake lesson (90 minutes) for emergency training 70.00
Individual Lessons (60 minutes) 49.50
Intermediate Exam 75.00
Interim Test CBR 225.00
Examination 275.00
CBR Exam Anxiety 325.00
Bnor exam CBR 325.00
Personal statement (of health CBR) 41.50
Description Prices
Intake test (90 minutes) 75.00
Individual lessons (90 minutes) 75.00
A-VB Exam 160.00
A-VD Exam 275.00
Theory Books Motor Lessons 60.00
Theory CD-Rom 25.00

Subject to Change!

Exclusive: Theory book € 60,-*Theory exam € 37,50,-*

Single Lessons

Do you want only driving lessons but not module ? it is also possible at Driving School AAK. You can opt for individual classes at € 49,50-* per hour (60 minutes) and € 275,-* separately for CBR exam. For BNOR (state) and Anxiety (Faalangst) exam and extra amount of € 75,-* will be charged towards the examination fee.

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