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Job Title : Driving instructor (M / V) Category B.

Job Description

Driving school Aak has been a household name in Amsterdam for over 40 years.  Located at the Overtoom 134 in Amsterdam.  With more than 10,000 successful passend students and a 100% satisfaction feeling among the students!  We do this with a team of highly experienced driving instructors.  At the moment we are looking for independently working, experienced driving instructors category B in the Amsterdam region who will join us!

 Do you want to be part of our team?  View the profile below and send your CV with photo and motivation to: info@rijschoolaak.nl attn. Ethan Can

 Function and Profile:

 You are in possession of a valid license for category B

 You are registered with the Chamber of Commerce

 You have at least 3 years of experience as a driving instructor

 You have a Certificate of Good Conduct

 You are in possession of a lesson car that is in very good condition

 You are social, you can easily adapt to different situations and you are flexible.

 You master the Dutch and English language in word and writing.

 You are willing to work at least two evenings a week and Saturdays.


 We offer you:

 A Cooperative Membership

 Continuous Apprenticeship Recruitment

 Franchise at a lower cost

 Reception location and back office support

 The reservation of interim tests and practical exams

 Scheduling intakes of new students

 Providing information to students and parents 

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