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Lessons from 16.5 years

By  2todrive now you can already start driving lessons, namely lessons  from 16.5 years. From the day you turn 17. can make your driving test. Did you pass? Then you can just the way until your 18th birthday under the guidance of the coach chosen by you yourself (es).

Thanks to 2todrive now you can already start driving lessons starting 16.5 years. Once you turn 17years you can make your driving test. Did you pass the exam ? Superb ! you can now already start driving under the guidance of the supervisor chosen by you.

You do not need to wait until your 18th before finally allowed to start lessons, how cool is that?

Why participate

Not convinced to join 2toDrive? Below are all the advantages and you can read how 2toDrive is exactly carried out.

  • You gather extra driving experience, thus making you reduce the chance of lumps
  • Youth who participate in 2toDrive say that they feel more confident and safe driver
  • You can choose your own coach!
  • You choose how many coaches you want (minimum 1, maximum 5)
  • You can prove to your coach that you can drive well.
  • Your friends may join you and your coach in the car, but so cozy!

How does it work?

  • Are you 16? Then you can already start preparing for achieving your theory test.
  • From 16.5 years you can start with driving lessons.
  • When you become 17 years old you can do your driving test.
  • Did you get your license? Then you can start driving together with your coach until you turn 18 years.
  • From 18years onwards you can drive the car on your own. You can control the car on your own. It is cool, isn’t that ?.

May I also drive abroad under supervision at the age of 17 years ?

No, that is not allowed. Once you're successful, it is only allowed within the Netherlands at the age of 17 years.

For questions and more information please go to  2todrive.nl


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