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30 years and over

Driving school AAK increasingly makes it easier for students to enter the car that is in this age range. There really is nothing to be ashamed of, because everyone has their own requirements and own pace of learning. You come in with a dream and we support in fulfilling it with every kilometer you learn driving, we know what a driving license you can do many things related to your personal and professional life such as: bringing your children to school, going by car to office or to search your dream job, meeting friends and many more.

For thirties who can now create the financial space to start driving lessons

Thirties  who want to be independent at the end of the day, but also thirties who really find a bit scary and now want to take the step. There are many different reasons or external factors to start driving lessons after your thirtieth year. Since we are dealing with a unique target group, we also do not use a standard way of teaching. We have had experience with pupils who realize at some later age that it is difficult for them to have a driver's license. This is no excuse for us to make it difficult, because we are a driving school that stands for young and old! We have tailored driving lessons for all ages!


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