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How to Learn to Drive When You Don't Own a Car


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Almost a third of Americans now exit their teen years without a driver’s license, and license ownership is down over the past decade among all age groups. More of us are learning to drive as an adult—a time in our lives when we can’t easily borrow Mom and Dad’s car or take a high-school class. Many of us don’t want to own a car at all; we’d just like to rent one on weekends or for the occasional shopping trip. We’re stuck in a Catch-22: How do we practice enough to take the test that lets us practice? It feels intimidating, but it’s totally doable—and it even has advantages.

Because cars were invented after federalism, every part of the license process varies widely state to state, so check your DMV or DOT’s website. The unofficial guides at DMV.org are also helpful.

Almost all states require new drivers to get a learner’s permit several months before they apply for a full license. Typically you’ll get your learner’s permit by going to the DMV or DOT and taking a written test. Study your driver handbook, take every prep test that’s offered on the governmental site (here’s California’s), and avoid paying for third-party prep tests. When I took the test for my permit in NYC, I was elated to recognize every question from the prep tests.

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