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Which driver training suits you!

It is wise to determine in advance what kind of driver training you want to follow. Need ASAP path or you have plenty of time to obtaining the license? How quickly you get your license depends entirely on what you want. By far most students opt for a regular driver training. You follow one or more times per week lessons and working as for your mid-key and practical to.

Duration and frequency of the driving lesson

Lessons of two hours (block hours) are much more effective than an hour of lessons. Lessons lasting more than two hours for most curisten once again less effective. It's hard to keep your concentration fixed hold after 2 hours and incorporate new information.

Take several times a week lessons

Not only do you faster than your license, you will eventually need fewer lessons. If you 1 x weekly one hour lessons will take your license get a very long story, and the risk that you lose your motivation. You are more than half of your time on repeating lessons. This is much less class time left for learning new things and you therefore need more lessons than necessary. Lessons of 120 minutes are therefore much more effective than the lessons of one hour! We encourage you to two times a week to take a riding lesson if you have the time and financial resources. For example, 2 x 2 h.

Follow your driving course as much as possible during the day if possible. In the beginning it is not so bad, but the further you progress in your driving course, how important it is that you practice complex traffic situations. An examiner expects you also complex traffic situations independently and safely dissolves. Because this traffic situations in traffic often encounter daytime than in the evening, your lessons daytime valuable because you can train more traffic situations in these lessons.

Driving license up for 3 or 4 months

Beginning emergency training too quickly. Choose sure to get your license in three or four months. You'll get faster your license, you can start without a theory certificate and can be combined very well with your work.

Tutorial in 10 to 12 weeks

Quickly get your license can also: for example, 10 to 12 weeks. For more information see tutorial . Consider also the following: Accelerated driver training requires a different discipline than two hours of lessons per week; Not all types of driver training suit all students.

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