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What is hazard?

Hazard is an examination of the SWOV as follows: "There are many definitions of hazard in circulation, but there is no definition by all experts as the only correct seen. Broadly hazard involves the process of timely notice, recognize and predict potentially dangerous situations and the choice of appropriate actions to avert the danger. One speaks of a potentially dangerous situation if there is a high probability that an accident occurs when the behavior is not changed. " Read below the hazard tips to pass your theory test

Hazard Tips

(A) Brakes

If you go out of the maximum speed brake almost always within a traffic image with:

  • weak / unstable road users
  • oncoming traffic on narrow roads
  • passing of activities or obstacles on the carriageway
  • overtaking and passing oncoming traffic simultaneously
  • unclear and dangerous intersections
  • busy (residential / retail) areas, schools etc.
  • blind or sharp bends
  • formation of block or file
  • high speed differ
(B) Gas Release
  • If you do not trust the situation
  • If you can overlook the situation okay
  • If there is no immediate danger
  • If the speed is adjusted
(C) Do nothing
  • If you can clearly see the situation
  • If there is no immediate danger
  • If enough space cushion to perform your operation
  • If there is little speed difference mutually
  • If there is a possibility of flight

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