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Exam anxiety

The special treatment has a beneficial effect on the perceived stress and leads to a more realistic positive performance during the driving test. What is anxiety? And what makes the anxiety test other than the 'normal' test for the car?

What is anxiety?

. Anxiety literally means the fear of failure.

For whom is the fear of failure driving test for?

It speaks for itself: the fear of failure CBR test is intended for people with anxiety for the driving test. It does not matter if you've done driving test before. Even if you are already in the process of examination closure skills, you can apply for this particular exam.

If you suspect that you have an unhealthy and extreme anxiety burden on the driving test, then it's best to find a driving school that specializes in assisting students with test anxiety. It is known that anxiety can be best tackled in your driving training and , not only in the exam. That way you already work from your first lesson to remove your stress.

Good communication between you and the examiner is of great importance for the success of this special examination.

specially trained anxiety Examiner

The examiner who is trained decreases the anxiety of exam to guide people correctly.

Lasts 80 minutes

The exam anxiety lasts longer than just a practical, namely 80 minutes. It begins with an interview where you can discuss your calm situation because of fear of failure. The examiner will take this into account in the further course of the examination along. This anxiety exam has enough time to put you at ease.

Timeout requests

Once you are on track and the crippling stress strikes, you can request a timeout. Or more, if you want. You can specify it yourself. You examiner can also give you a time-out, if he thinks you need it.

Not easy

The anxiety test takes longer, but is not easier than a regular practical! You should also just in this exam satisfy all 'skills requirements. This means that you must show that you are safe and responsibly participating in the movement.

More expensive

Because the test takes longer, it is more expensive than the ordinary test for the car.



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