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The Personal Statement is a list of questions about your physical and mental state

It is an offense not to truthfully fill out the self-declaration (Article 114 of the Road Traffic Act). Furthermore, it can not truthfully fill leading your own statement to problems with your insurance if you for instance involved in a collision. Even if you are not to blame for the collision!

Cost of the self-declaration

You have to submit a paper self-declaration by the CBR, then the charges will be applied (these are incorporated into practice exams). In that case you have the money for its own statement reclaim the driving school. The cost of a self-declaration are € 33.80.

All questions answered NO to the self-declaration

Can you answer all the questions in the self-declaration "no", then the driving school can send your statement to the CBR through the online booking. The driving school sends its own digital certificate to the CBR, the questions and answers (all "no") are taken on the calling card for your driving test. In the presence of the examiner put your signature to your statement.

One or more questions answered YES on the self-declaration

You answer one or more questions with "yes", then follow a different route. You buy a paper's own statement at the municipality or at the driving school. These fill your truth and you let your GP or doctor make a note showing the seriousness of the reported defect appears (not all doctors do this, and it is not always necessary because you will be redirected standard in some diseases by CBR for an independent physician).

Take the question of the self-declaration in plenty of time. The driving school you will start your driver training to fill in a copy of the self-declaration. If you have one or more of the questions to answer YES, it may take several weeks or even months pass before driving school you can submit your exam application. The CBR is also nice if you have a short note on the self-declaration attach what exactly can and can not.

With or without a medical certificate from your doctor, the CBR may refer you to a specialist by their designated (eg an ophthalmologist or neurologist). Please note that any costs you incur for this consult his own expense and you can not reclaim the CBR. Even after a medical consultation (with positive results) you still get called in principle for a driving test. Although the driving test is free, but the driving school will probably charge a fee for the rental of the student driver and the time of your driving instructor / -trice.

Once all medical information has been received, the CBR determines whether you are suitable to take part in the movement. It is very rare that this is not the case. Do you have a disability, then it can prevent the CBR you may only drive an adapted vehicle.

The following questions are asked:

  1. Have you suffered or suffer from seizures, fainting, seizures abnormal daytime sleepiness or other disturbances of consciousness?
  2. Have you suffered or suffer from balance disorders or severe dizziness?
  3. Have you been under treatment or under treatment for a psychiatric disorder, a brain disease -as a beroerte- or a disease of the nervous system?
  4. Are you or abuse you abuse of alcohol, drugs, or other mind-altering drugs or intoxicants, or before you ever examined medical or been treated?
  5. Whether you were treated for internal diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, kidney disease or lung disease?Or do you have undergone cardiac or vascular surgery?
  6. Can you an arm or only use a limited hand or fingers?
  7. You can not use or limited leg or foot?
  8. You see less of one or both eyes, even if you use glasses or contact lenses?
  9. Whether you were treated by an eye doctor? Whether you are undergoing eye surgery or laser treatment of the eyes?
  10. Use medications that affect driving ability, according to the leaflet, such as sedatives, tranquilizers, antidepressants, antipsychotics or generating means?
  11. Do you have any other illnesses, diseases or disabilities that make it difficult to drive motor vehicles?

A self-declaration is also available from the municipality and the CBR (with PIN card). More information can be found its own statement on the website of the CBR .

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