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CBR Theory Exam

AAK Driving School is the largest driving school in Amsterdam and has over thirty years of experience. Our success rate is considerably higher than other driving schools. Quality is our first, so we can safely as soon as possible can help on the way. The first step in this is the theory examination. We offer this intensive package of lessons and exercises.

CBR theory exam: now aged 16

From your sixteenth year you today for car pick your theory test. From your seventeen you can also do practical, although there is a coach must sit next to you until you're eighteen. For lessons on a motorcycleyou have to just wait until your eighteenth. A moped license or moped license you can get some time from your sixteenth. For all of these documents is that there is a theory exam will be administered to.

Theory lessons: you increase your chances of success

The theoretical test consists of three elements: hazard perception, traffic regulations and traffic insight. For some this will be easier than others, but generally these exams are to get nearly everyone. However, good preparation is crucial. These are often the people who underestimate the tests that need to do a second time:that's a waste of time and money. Many driving schools focus in recent years on just practical, but AAK Driving School has deliberately chosen to just good theory to keep giving. A good start of your lessons is in our half done. We offer an extensive range of classes that matches the date of your theory test.

CBR theory practice proved crucial

Time is passing your theory test is essential. This makes sense, since you later down the road not always have time to think about a decision. It is therefore important to practice good. For this we have an advanced DVD system that mimics the situation during the exam.Our experience is that by practicing with it your chance increases significantly good results. You are familiar with the whole situation during an exam so you'll be less nervous. This is an effect that you can simulate a course online or on a DVD after not home.

Theory Lesson Prices
Description Price
Engels theory course + CBR theory exam 139.00
theory Book 60.00
Individual Theoretical Exam 45.00
CBR + Surcharge 40.00

CBR theory exam Amsterdam

AAK Driving School make - through an intensive preparation with lessons and practice - a good chance to succeed quickly for CBR theory. We have put together a package of lessons and exercises based on our experience over the last thirty years. Please contact us about the possibilities we can offer you.Please contact us and be convinced by our competitive prices. Driving School in Barge you get a qualified driver training by qualified instructors that your investment is more than worth it.

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