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Car driving lessons from AAK Amsterdam

Looking qualified driving school in Amsterdam where you get your driving pleasure? AAK driving school that teaches you to drive safely and responsibly and always takes you to your driving license in the right gear? Then you're at the right place at AAK Driving School.

AAK Rijopleidingen has more than thirty years a familiar address for all your lessons. A driving school in Amsterdam that is distinguished by a very high success rate, expert guidance, special modules (female friendly lessons, fear of driving courses, lessons 50+) and affordable quality.


Custom driving packages for everyone needs.

AAK driving school want every learner driver as well as possible in a safe participation in traffic. This requires customization. In AAK driving school is student-centered. Using a skill offered appropriate driver training, where you can choose from several packages. A full or abbreviated training, or special teaching approach as a woman-friendly driving lessons, fear of driving course or lessons 50+.
Always measure and at your own pace. The sophisticated and intensive curriculum ensures that you work towards a clear goal from the very first driving lessons in Amsterdam. You know the established route to achieving the pink paper, the exact graduation date and the price of your driving course. You can thus concentrate fully on becoming a good driver. This automatically leads to a high success rate.

Driving lessons in Amsterdam?

The biggest car driving school and motorbike driving school in Amsterdam with over 30 years experience. 
We use a unique concept that guarantees an extremely high success rate. * an average of 35% * in Amsterdam AAK driving school whopping 80% in 2009.

We begin with a skill that you obligation. Based on the results of this test you will be offered an appropriate driving course (module). So you know in advance what you're getting, you know the price of your driving course and pay not too much: short Customization!

Our sophisticated and intensive curriculum that you know in advance the date of examination is performed in your chosen pace.

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