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MotorBike Driving Course

Amsterdam has many driving schools, from large to small. But where can you get the best motorcycle riding lessons in Amsterdam? Then you do choose a professional and experienced driving school, which combines high quality of instructors and curriculum to a very high success rate? AAK Driving School is a customer-friendly and results-oriented approach, in a friendly atmosphere in a relaxed way will work towards skillfully and quickly achieve your motorcycle.

Motorcycle catch your own pace

AAK Rijopleidingen realizes that every student is unique. Each has its own starting point, attitude and behavior. Since the motor driving lessons in Amsterdam be aligned. A quenches each in its own pace, and at the correct speed. This translates into a wide range of teaching materials and a high success rate. AAK Driving School offers discounted motorcycle driving courses for beginners to advanced, from young to old, from short courses to complete training. 

Keep in mind that tracking engine driving lessons in Amsterdam possession of a motor theory certificate is required. During the practical there are clothing requirements. The motorcyclist aspiring to the examination must wear an approved helmet, gloves, shoes or high boots and protective clothing. AAK Rijopleidingen has protection for the student as a helmet, jacket and gloves available.

Familiar address for motorcycle driving lessons in Amsterdam

AAK Rijopleidingen existed since 1978. The engine driving lessons in Amsterdam are given in good maintenance and good driving motors. Qualified driving instructors guarantee a good quality in teaching and professional, quiet, friendly and clear way of teaching and a high success rate. The participants therefore feel right at home at Barge Driving School. The claims are shared continuously, the goal - to achieve professionally and as quickly as possible to the motorcycle - is always monitored.

Since January 2013 has changed the legal regulation of the motorcycle. There are now that the motorcycle license categories A1 (small category), A 2 and A (unrestricted category). You can begin with motorcycle driving lessons in Amsterdam at the age of 17. If you are 18, you can do engine test for limited category. The young rider must then after two and four yearsredo practical: if you are for category A2, if you're 22 years 20 years for category A. The automatic conversion of the motorcycle category limited to unlimited will no longer exist. Are you at the start of your motorcycle driving lessons for 24 years or older? Then you can do immediately after your exam training for unlimited category.

Proud of high success rate

AAK Driving School boasts a high success rate, on average around twice as high as other driving schools in Amsterdam. That stems from the individual approach, a skills training tailored offered. Love you too clarity and want to know where you stand at the start of your driving course? AAK Driving School provides a skill after consultation with you, the pace of the course and the exam date.

For example, there are working towards the same end with each other. That pays off in strong results and a high success rate. AAK Rijopleidingen has the largest driving school and motorrijschool Amsterdam not only more than thirty years of experience, but also one of the highest success rates in Amsterdam. That means good, fast and affordable is passed to your motorcycle.

Motor theory lessons

Are you not in possession of a driving license, you are required to first obtain your theory certificate. Also, you are obliged theory certificate with the motor exam (A exam VD) to possess. The theory examination is conducted by the CBR in your area.

Motorcycle clothing

A long time is to wear special riding gear required. If you have no motorcycle not afraid, because we have everything like helmets, jackets, gloves and pants.

Professional motorcycle driving lessons that are both cozy and very instructive

Quality and service always prevail. It causes you after your safe driving course and with pleasure as practiced motorcyclist goes on road. So if you are looking for the greatest chance of success? In Barge Rijopleidingen find what you are looking for

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