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Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Obligations driving school

The Driving is obligated to take care:

1. That lesson is given by an instructor which complies with the provisions of the law Row instruction Motor vehicle (WMR);

2. that the application for the test of skills (further research) by the driving school - under payment of the applicable amount and submission of the required documents - submitted actually to the Stichting Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen (CBR) or Bureau Nader research Driving (BNOR) within two weeks after the date in consultation with the student decided that the test of skills (further research) can be requested and which the pupil costs of the investigation to have paid traffic school;

3. that the student, who requested the investigation through the traffic school on the date and time for which he / she is called by the CBR or BNOR to sit an investigation has access to the same lesvoertuig in which he received the lessons, or at least over a lesvoertuig of the same or equivalent type;

4. that the duration of the subsequent lessons, as agreed in the lesovereenkomst fully utilized to give lessons;

5. that there is insurance which at least provides a cover € 5,000,000 = against liability towards the driving school pupil.

Article 2 - Obligations student

The student is required:

1. to maintain the agreed date, time and place for the lessons (by the driving school will take a waiting period of 15 minutes) and does not appear at the appointed lesson without timely cancellation, to meet the full lesson price;

2. The student is obliged to pay the full lesson price if the lessons are canceled within two working days before the day on which the lessons take place. Sundays and legal holidays are not included in these two days. Cancellations must be during office hours of driving school happen. A late cancellations lesson is not deducted by canceling due to a compelling reason, such as the funeral of a deceased person in the immediate family (t / m 2nd degree) or a personal emergency admission to hospital;

3. The lessons of an intensive course, different rules apply for cancellation and the pupil may under certain conditions, decide the arrangements. These conditions imply that the canceled lesson will be deducted by canceling due to a compelling reason, such as the funeral of a deceased person in the immediate family (t / m 2nd degree) or a personal emergency admission to hospital. If an agreed class can not continue should the student as soon as possible to take the driving school. All lessons during or within five days before the start of the canceled emergency training, beyond the urgent reason as described above, and not be more caught up, even if the instructor lesson planning is fully scheduled, will be before the exam date passed on to the student .

4. to follow all the instructions of the driving instructor during the driving lessons;

5. agreed with the driving school lesson example to learn to be after piece of learning and to monitor the number of lessons per week, until the date of the study are;

6. The student, in the test of skills valid identification and a valid consulting theory certificate.

Article 3 - Payment

1. The driving school is entitled to charge an administrative fee;

2. Unless otherwise expressly agreed should pay the fees by lessons are paid in cash;

3. The cost of the necessary textbooks and other teaching materials for the purposes of the practical and / or theoretical serve in the delivery of the goods to be paid in cash;

4. Driving is entitled for the duration of the lesovereenkomst increase its lesprijzen. The student in this case has the right to dissolve the lesovereenkomst writing of any powers he can use up to two weeks of receiving notification of the price increase;

5. if they are to be paid in cash and the payment remains, then the student will receive 14 days of arrears or 2 lessons after the deficit had occurred bill. The school is entitled to increase the amount in arrears with fees. These are at least € 10, =;

6. if 14 days after the invoice, the invoice amount is not fully met, then the pupil is automatically in default; <br /> 8. If the student remains in default to pay the amount, the driving school can provide claim for collection to a third party. Then the driving school is entitled to increase amount of collection costs. These collection costs include both judicial and extrajudicial costs. Extrajudicial costs are all costs to be charged Driving by lawyers, attorneys, bailiffs and any other person from whom Driving itself serves for the recovery of the amount due. The extrajudicial costs are set at least 15% of the amount due with a minimum of € 70, =; 8. Each prepayment of tuition or examinations should from the moment of payment used to be made within a year. Unless otherwise agreed in writing invalidate this credit and the student can not claim more here.

Article 4 - Application investigation skills or repeat investigation (hereinafter the investigation)

1. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the cost or benefit of the application of the research simultaneously with the completion of the application card and the self-declaration to be paid in cash at the driving school;

2. If the investigation will not proceed because the student is not or too late for the exam appears or because the student can show not required valid documents, the cost of applying for a new examination on behalf of the student;

Article 5 - Study of skills

1. If the CBR or BNOR the study because of bad weather at the canceled shows are arranged time, the traffic school, the student tuition for one charge lessons for re-examination set;

2. If the student research can not apply for or continue due to the fact that: a. A family member to the 2nd stage of the student or the instructor is deceased and the funeral has not yet taken place or will take place on the day of the study itself; b. the lesvoertuig which the investigation is to be made is not available and no lesvoertuig same or equivalent type is available; c. the lesvoertuig which the investigation must be made by the examiner or expert of the CBR or BNOR is rejected and no replacement lesvoertuig same or equivalent type is available; the driving school will ensure that is requested a re-examination of the pupil, if the pupil desired. The driving school guarantees that the applications of the research then done at no cost to the student.

Article 6 - Termination of lesovereenkomst

1. If the lesovereenkomst is not entered into for a fixed number of classes or has not entered into for a fixed period lesovereenkomst, by both the student and the driving school be terminated with a notice period of one month or by the first day of a calendar;

2. If the lesovereenkomst is concluded for a fixed number of classes or for a fixed period agreed the student may only terminate the lesovereenkomst to such urgent can continue these reasons, it is not expected of him / her reasonable under the price obligation for the already enjoyed lessons plus the price of one lesson, as well as the fees and examination fees already paid by the driving school. If the lump sum is payable in advance satisfied the driving school will refund the amount after deduction of the amount due to CBR or BNOR paid examination fees and an amount in proportion to the number already classes enjoyed plus a fee equal to the cost of one lesson as well as the administration;

3. The driving school can lesovereenkomst, contracted for a fixed number of classes or for a fixed period, only stopping for such urgency that the driving school reasonably can not be expected to continue, subject to the repayment of the student that ( lesson) funds, which the driving school has not yet performed.

Article 7 - Safeguard

1. Driving indemnify the student of third parties as followed collision, on or drive over individuals during lessons and during the study, except for incidents that are caused by intent and / or gross negligence of the student, as well as in the use by the pupil of alcohol, narcotics or drugs which may affect the ability to drive;

2. If the student despite his / her statement that her / him by a judicial decision is not the authority has refused to drive a motor vehicle or his / her driving license recovered anyway lessons take and if statement is incorrect, the student shall indemnify the driving school completely and will any relevant fully reimburse fines and any other financial consequences whole ovenemen

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